The market for therapy of primary brain tumors with cell toxins in association with operation is estimated to approximately US $ 200 million per year. The number of cases of secondary brain tumors is estimated to be of the same order of magnitude as primary brain tumors, hence the total market can be estimated to $ 400 million.

Glioblastoma, the most serious and common form of primary brain cancer, is expected to increase by approximately 2.5 times until 2022 (reference).

In 2015, Double Bond Pharmaceutical acquired the rights for Temodex, a product against brain tumors which was originally developed in Belarus, with Temozolomide as the cytostatic agent, administered locally in the brain to improve treatment of patients suffering from primary and secondary brain cancer.

Today, Double Bond Pharmaceutical (the EU-adapted variant that is under development) has been granted an Orphan Drug Status from EMA.

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