The benefit of Zoono

Any unprotected environment with surfaces (especially hospital environment), can be a source of infection. Routine liquid disinfectants only work when the surface is wet. Once the disinfectant is wiped off or dried, it no longer kills pathogens, hence the risk of re-contamination of the disinfected surface by harmful microorganisms. In many cases this occurs within 1-2 hours and the surface are contaminated to the same levels as prior to disinfection.

Zoono technology is the next generation of biocide. It is water based and non-toxic and therefore, does not requiring any special precautionary considerations as the more toxic and corrosive biocides do.

“Normal disinfectants kill pathogens at point of use and are wet, once dry they no-longer work and many don’t achieve the contact time stipulated in their laboratory tests – Zoono works when dry and continues to protect for up to 30 days and we can prove it”

The proof

Zoono technology was tested using the most up-to-date laboratory tests carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory with years of experience in the testing of biocidal technologies. The first tests carried out were the liquid and semi-liquid phase tests that are stipulated for “wet” disinfectant products under “clean & dirty conditions”, all of which were successfully passed.

EN 1276 (bactericidal)
EN 1650 (yeasticidal/fungicidal)
EN 13697 (non-porous surface test in liquid phase, bactericidal)
EN 1500 (hygienic hand sanitizer)
EN 14476 (virucidal)
PAS 2424 (bactericidal/fungicidal)

The term liquid phase are tests carried out in test tubes.

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Warnings and precautions

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