BioPad och BioSpray are two innovative products, collagen-based, cost-effective, wound-healing dressing and spray – which create the best environment for the healing of different types of wounds.

Both product types are clinically proven, sterile CE marked Class III MedTech. They are developed and produced in the EU, promising high quality and service to the most important group – the patients.

100% pure collagen!

Product advantages:

  • speed up the wound healing processes

  • prevent traumas to the granulation tissue

  • have a hemostatic effect

  • free from BSE-related risks

  • not affected by chemical cross-linking processes

  • well tolerated and easy to use

  • available in different formulations

Patient leaflet

Warnings and precautions

Use the product according to the recommendations written on the package. Contact us if you have any questions about the product, complaints, or you want to report side effects from BioSpray75:

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